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MP3 Resizer comes with a simple interface that includes large icons, a large list view, and plenty of extra help just in case you get stuck. This program aims to shrink your MP3 files, just as the name of the program suggests. When tested, MP3 Resizer worked well and did not come with any unwanted downloads or bloatware.


MP3 Resizer doesn’t come with a lot of difficult advanced options or features, which, in this case, is a positive thing. Instead, this program is as straightforward as programs come. The program takes just a few minutes to understand and navigate, and shrinking MP3s is simple.

Main Function

The main purpose of MP3 Resizer is to shrink MP3 files, so that these files can be easily uploaded to any smaller device or reside on your desktop without taking up a lot of space. MP3 Resizer recognizes most file types, but a few files may not actually be recognized by the program (you’ll have to try a few files to see which ones can be shrunk and which ones cannot be shrunk). All in all, MP3 Resizer does what it claims to do.

Extra Features

MP3 Resizer doesn’t come with a number of extra features, and that is a positive thing. The simplicity of this program comes from the fact that it is not crammed with options or bogged down with advanced feature selections.


The free version of this program is a great find, though the trial does not last for long. After using up the trial offer, the program will cost $24.95, which is a bit on the high side, but may be worth it if you have a lot of MP3 files to shrink.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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